Boot Düsseldorf – A look back at the event and upcoming shows

What is Boot Düsseldorf?

Boot Düsseldorf is one of the world’s indoor largest boat shows, held annually in Düsseldorf, Germany. It showcases a wide range of products and services related to boating and water sports.

This year’s show featured many exciting innovations and new products. These included technological advances in electric motorboats, navigation and communication systems, as well as improvements in sustainability and energy efficiency. Luxury yachts also attracted attention, with innovative designs and high-tech equipment, while sailing yachts were presented with improvements in hull design and propulsion systems.

Boot Düsseldorf is an ideal platform for showcasing propulsion systems and equipment. That’s why Nanni seized the opportunity to exhibit a complete range of marine solutions, each offering a unique combination of power and efficiency.

Focus on the products presented at the event

SOUNDLESS generator, model Q2400 20CM50, equipped with soundproofing materials

The SOUNDLESS version of the Q2400 20CM50 generator, with its innovative soundproofing materials, took us to the next step towards onboard silence. This technology, which uses improved soundshield materials, enables us to reduce noise levels for an unrivalled peaceful sailing experience. Our Soundless gensets are designed to meet the diverse needs of boat owners, available in a range of models, from Q500 to Q6800 with power ratings from 5 to 150 kW.

Our N13.800, T8.370, N4.115 E engines

Nanni also presented a wide range of engines, including the N13.800, which with its high power density of 800 hp and compact design, maximizes performance while optimizing space. Striking the perfect balance between power and weight, with its precision engineered and robustly designed, the N13.800 is built to withstand the toughest marine conditions.

The T8V.370 engine, with an impressive 370 hp, and is known for its remarkable performance and acceleration. Designed with precision and efficience, the T8 features 8 V Design 90° cylinders, with 4 valves per cylinder, ensuring optimum airflow for greater power.

A versatile and reliable marine propulsion solution, the T4.115 engine is ideal for a variety of marine applications. With 115 hp, this engine delivers exceptional performance while being fuel-efficient.

Introducing the new HVO badge

At this year’s Boot Düsseldorf, we were also pleased to introduce Nanni’s latest innovation, HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) in our propulsion engines and generator sets. Carrying the “HVO compliant” badge, our compatible products testify to our commitment to environmentally-friendly practices. HVO is a fuel based on hydrogenated vegetable oil, a more respectful alternative for the environment and a solution for the future of the marine industry. This new product demonstrates our ongoing commitment to adopting sustainable solutions while guaranteeing state-of-the-art performance in the marine sector.

You can find an article about HVO on our blog.

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