Spare parts

Owning a NANNI means having a boat with a reference engine.

Therefore, nothing is better than genuine NANNI parts to take care of your investment. They are designed to ensure that your engine delivers maximum performance in optimum conditions. Only Genuine NANNI parts give you the reliability and peace of mind of a long engine life and minimised maintenance costs. The peace of mind is well worth the investment.

Customers benefits

  • Optimizes engine performance
  • Ensures durability over time
  • Reduces long term maintenance costs
  • Reduces oil and fuel consumption

Optimized logistics

Every day, our teams and partners ensure the maintenance of the Nanni supply chain. Our spare parts team is in daily contact with the service network in order to respond to all technical and commercial requests and to offer a personalised, high quality service. Our goal is reactivity: to serve you as quickly as possible remains our priority. Nanni has over 20,000 references in stock at our logistic platform in France, as well as a large stock available from our network all over the world.

Experienced marine equipment manufacturer

We offer solutions and products such as electronic controls, joysticks, instrument panels and alarms. You can benefit from a complete offer, from configuration to delivery. Installation is easy due to our simple and modular design. We can quickly determine the functions and adapt each system to specific ship requirements. Both the basic components and the operation of the control modules are quickly coordinated and programmed.

Nanni has a wide range of on-board accessories giving you the opportunity to complete your engine or generator installation for your boat.

The offer includes

– Spin On” Diesel Pre-Filtration and Turbines.

– Exhaust systems

– Seawater fittings and filters.

– Propulsion system from propeller to shaft.

– And other products…

To find out more about our range of accessories, download our marine accessories catalog.

Nanni network

Nanni distributes its products through its sales and service network in 90 countries around the world. It relies on a solid network of almost 850 qualified partners. Nanni authorised agents are there to assist you throughout the life of your product.

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