Marex OS III

Manoeuvring system
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NANNI control systems are designed for all type of ships worldwide. Commercial vessels with classification, passenger Liners, coastal cargo ships and even yachts do rely on engineering expertise Made in Germany.

Regardless of which propulsion concept is required - the reversing gear system, the controllable pitch propeller system, or even new drive concepts such as hybrid systems are using our most proven product: the Marex os 111.

Features and benefits

  • Easy installation thanks to pre-assembly
  • System reliability thanks to one self-monitoring CAN bus per drive train
  • Bridge components can also be used in the outside area
  • Approval of drawing and FAT upon request
  • Incomparable aesthetics
  • Functional
  • Ergonomic
  • Modular system architecture
  • lndependent of the type of drive
  • Easy to install
  • Programming free
  • Customized by parameter settings
  • Optimized capacities

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